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industrial & manufacturing


Because the research and insight of competitive intelligence can be employed in nearly every industry, Melrose Strategy Group’s team has ​built out a robust network of sources in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, our analysts, project managers and subject matter experts represent diverse industry backgrounds, providing vast  expertise across multiple industries.

We understand that every industry is different, therefore, tactics and methods must be adapted to meet specific industry challenges. We utilize cross-functional project teams made up of experienced primary research specialists supported by subject matter experts.

LIFE SCIENCES & healthcare


Comprehensive Design with a Collaborative Approach
We believe that actionable results begin with comprehensive design. We work closely with our clients to clearly focus their research objectives so the results achieved lead to actionable recommendations rather than further research. Our approach is pragmatic and designed specifically to meet the individual goals of our clients.

Comprehensive Analysis Leads to Critical Insights
We leverage the expertise of our qualitative and quantitative specialists to provide comprehensive analysis of our research findings. We rely upon a disciplined approach, proven procedures and an unsurpassed level of experience to develop a unique set of insights that distinguishes us from other firms in the industry.

End Result: Actionable Results
Finally, our team-based approach is used to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations that our clients can use to take action in order to make more effective business decisions.