Secondary research objectives typically include the development and continuous update of an accurate date-specific timeline of key market and clinical events specifically designed for our clients using the following techniques:

  • Broad scope surveillance of largest international newswire sources available (6,000 + business, news, financial sources)
  • Daily scanning of largest newswire databases (including the FDA, medical and industry blogs, SEC filings)​
  • Attendance at key investor analyst meetings/presentations (e.g., JP Morgan, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, SG Cowen, Goldman-Sachs, Deutsche Banc, Credit Suisse, UBS, and others Professional meeting/convention/conference coverage


  • Key Industry Contacts 
  • Medical/Scientific/Technical Community
  • Financial/Investment Community
  • Advisory Group Members (Industry, Financial, Special Interest)
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
    • Current and Former Employees, Competitors, Suppliers,         Distributors and Vendors​
  • Industry Analysts

The following is a representative list of primary and secondary business intelligence sources:


We have extensive expertise in a wide range of primary research methodologies to meet the most demanding needs of almost any research initiative.

With offices in Boston and London, MSG has established relationships with international partners to conduct research in key markets outside of the U.S. and Europe Our research experience includes all emerging markets the America’s, Eastern Europe as well as Asia to include Japan, India and China. MSG has the ability to conduct research calls for data collection in the native language of a given country, we have established relationships with experienced healthcare moderators in international markets. Interviews conducted in foreign languages are translated for analysis by MSG.



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Through years of experience and an established network of key industry relationships, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of issues that are critical to the competitive landscape.

  • Rapid access to time-critical information about products currently on the market or under
        investigation by competitive manufacturers
  • “Early intelligence” that includes a particular focus on triggering events such as NDA
        submissions, data release, pertinent business activities, pipeline events, etc., that are
        relevant to our clients and the markets they serve
  • Access to technical expertise in competitive methodologies and techniques
  • Exposure to a broad range of industry-specific relationships that have been established as a
       result of our market expertise over many years
  • Our extensive experience in intelligence gathering includes knowledge of virtually all      
       therapeutic areas and tailored primary and secondary research to:
  • Target specific areas of competitive focus (e.g. Key Intelligence Questions, Key Intelligence
       Topics, etc.)
  • Assess early warning systems
  • Uncover blind-spots and the implementation of tripwires
  • Provide industry-specific competitive intelligence education/workshops
       (entry level to advanced)


Our research professionals use a qualitative analysis process that sifts, analyzes and distills information that provides new perspectives for our clients and a deeper understanding of their business issues. Our qualitative research offerings include:

  • In-person Interviews (one-on-ones, dyads, triads, etc.)
  • In-Depth Telephone Interviews (includes secure web-assisted interviews for: concept testing, product profile review, etc.)
  • Focus Groups (in-Person, telephone, on-line)We also offer a full-service, in-house Field Services department that works closely with our internal staff, clients and strategic business partners to ensure that recruitment specifications are met based upon the unique requirements of each project that we undertake.

Qualitative Research Services

Recently, marketing strategy conversations have become dominated by a disproportionate focus on digital and social marketing. Both are important elements of your marketing strategy, but they should not cloud your thinking. If your goal is to create a strategy that meets defined business objectives, channel mix and efficient acquisition become critical elements of a successful execution. Let’s not forget about the powerful impact on the bottom line that optimal pricing has.

Did we hear someone ask “What about loyalty?”
A great marketing strategy resolves the simplest business challenges: grow your revenues and stay ahead of the competition. We help you deliver fact-based, actionable marketing strategies and business plans to help you grow. We can add an objective external perspective to particular stages or support you through the whole process.

We kick-start our strategy projects with a clear understanding of customers, markets, and competitors. We use our customer behavior expertise to inspire your acquisition, pricing and loyalty strategies. We understand the latest technologies, trends and tools in marketing design and deployment, and we know how to get the best out of them in the context of your market.

Our consultants partner with you through go-to-market and scenario planning processes. We know which factors contribute to a seamless product launch and focus on future events, which will have the most significant effect on your business.

We help clients develop effective strategies

 leading to smarter business decisions and better commercial results In an increasingly complex Market .

Bringing the Power of Market and Industry knowledge



Melrose Strategy Group’s Intelligence gathering methodology offers:

Wouldn’t it be great to get a glimpse of the future, to have an idea of what tomorrow will  bring? MSG would love to be able to tell you precisely what will happen – but we can’t. What  we can do is invite you to future-creating partnerships forged by participants and sponsors who make up the world’s leading foresight organization. 

MSG can provide foresight services in partnership with our clients to help identify major innovation opportunities and prepare for future challenges and risks. MSG will engage with a global audience to build a bridge between foresight and innovation. 

With our help, you will understand future changes, and be able to determine the impact of emerging trends on your business.

Our partnership provides you with the opportunity to interact with an amazing network of leading thinkers, strategists, scientists, business leaders and influencers.