To anticipate accurately, you need to go beyond tracking headline market share or pricing trends and get under the skin of  your competitors. That is why we consider a range of strategic and operational issues. Among other things, we interpret your competitors’ business strategy, growth drivers, financial performance, products, pricing, place, promotion, clinical research and operations. 

MSG’s services go beyond monitoring and reporting. Our clients receive commercially robust, fact-based deliverables to help them communicate competitors’ most likely activities, and the best way to react, to their stakeholders.

MSG takes an investigative approach to find hard-to-obtain insights. We operate in multiple industries around the world, and ensure our practices meet recognized standards wherever we operate.
We can help you initiate your competitor intelligence activities or build upon your existing capabilities. Whatever the approach, we ensure that we leave you with actionable recommendations and improved internal capability.


Learn from competitors and 
anticipate their moves

We bring you the power of customer 
and market knowledge

We bring you the power of customer 
and market knowledge

We work with you to solve your market strategy challenges




It is no secret that most businesses gather information about their competitors because they are vulnerable to their activities. The true value of competitor intelligence is only achieved if you then use it to anticipate your competitors’ moves.

Bringing the Power of Market and Industry knowledge